Friday, November 25, 2011

10 Miler for the Riyadh Road Runners

I had my 3rd run for the Riyadh Road Runners this morning at the ROC compound. It was a 10 mile run complete with uphill and downhill routes. Gun start was at 8:00 am and the weather was really cold that I had to run with my jacket on.

I conditioned myself that I will finish the run even if it means I will be the last to cross the finish line. Luckily there were others who finished behind me. 

I was able to manage to get myself lost in one of the streets. I turned right in one of the roads and ran straight ahead. When I noticed that there were no arrow signs on either side of the road, I re-routed from where I came and realized I missed the orange cone where I should have U-turned. By the time I came on the right track, 3 runners were able to run ahead of me, putting me way way behind the pack.

Anyways, I finished the run in 1 hour and 37 minutes (unofficial). A job well done for me given the fact that during the RunRio Trilogy Leg 3: Unilab Run United 2 (in the Philippines) I finished my 15 kilometer run at 1 hour and 44 minutes. 

The early finishers were clapping and cheering loudly for each runner who was able to cross the finish line. 

As usual, a hearty breakfast was our way of ending our running event! =) 

The Pinoy Runners!

Posing for the camera in between post-race stretching.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Running with the Riyadh Road Runners

It's my 9th month here in the kingdom and one of my goals (aside from my nursing job here) is to be able to continue to run races. The first few months I've been here, I searched for running communities or groups here in Riyadh where I could join and be able to continue with my running and lo! I have stumbled upon Riyadh Road Runners through the net.

Riyadh Road Runners is a non-profit club that is made up of both social and competitive runners that was formed 30 years ago. Expatriates in Riyadh that is in search of organized running activities are very much welcome to join. 

The Running season for 2011 kicked off last September and will end on April 2012 (Races are held every 2 weeks). Since the weather here is Dry Cold and Dry Hot, there are no running events organized during the summer season.

I have only been able to join 2 of their races since most of the time I have work, but I've come to enjoy running with the RRR members. And like most runners I've met in the road (in the Philippines, Singapore and here in Riyadh), people here are courteous and would even shout some word of encouragement as you run. And boy! They run like Kenyans too! Most of them are very fast runners and an average runner like me would always find myself behind the pack. Nevertheless, I would enjoy the runs and ends up wanting for more. The next run would be a 10 miler on November 25. I hope I could keep up with them!

For those who are interested to inquire regarding how to join the races of Riyadh Road Runners, e-mail them at:

Or visit their site at:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today's one of those days I feel so down... there were series of small but unfortunate incidents that just get out of hand and made me feel like crap. I'm old enough to be a cry baby and to think that I'm at work when I did just that. It sooo ain't cool...

I'd say, I'd blame it on my hormones.... it's such a lame excuse but what the heck.

But nevertheless, the "show" must go on. There's still WORK  to do. There are still patients that needs to be taken care of... Their burden is much BIGGER than mine. Who am I to complain?

I'll just force myself to believe in this:

"What doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger"

And so I hope...

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I was honored to join the Terry Fox Run held here in Riyadh last October 15, 2011. A lot of expats showed their support for the Charity Run plus the members of the Riyadh Road Runners were having their 10 km run at the same time and place. Too bad, we weren't able to register for the RRR. Maybe we'll do on their next run. =)

Terry Fox during his Marathon of Hope

A brief history though. Terry Fox Run is an annual charity run that was named in honor of Canadian amputee runner Terry Fox. He was a distance runner and basketball player during his high school and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 1977. His right leg was amputated and was required to wear an artificial leg. He then went on with his chemotherapy and found the time he spent in the British Columbia Cancer Control Agency facility difficult as he watched fellow cancer patients suffer and die from the disease. Fox ended his treatment with a new purpose. He then attempted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research at age 21. So even after his death on the year 1981, people around the globe still held an annual charity run in commemoration of Terry Fox and his cause.

It was a sunny Friday morning during the Terry Fox Run. Running with me are my colleagues at work, Mae and Marian and my roommate, Tita Sol. We were early since we don't know on what to expect. We had to undergo strict security measures before entering the compound and had to verify our registration before the run.

Though it is only a fun run (with no bibs and timing chips), we were really excited to run with fellow running enthusiasts. It is the first time here in the kingdom that I saw a huge crowd wearing their Nikes, Adidas, Newtons, New Balance, Asics and Sauconys all at the same time (The last fun run I joined, we were less than 30 in number. hehe…)! During the run, we were only competing with ourselves and beating our PR--- a fun run indeed!

There was also a breakfast buffet served after the run--- the more reason we have to run faster! Haha! And a raffle in which I won a complimentary breakfast invitation for 2 at La Cucina Restaurant located at Al Faisaliah Hotel (Oh di ba, Sosyalan!).

The runners! =) RN : Running Nurses represent!
Waiting for the run to start. I guess I was doing some warm ups when this photo was taken

Running on my Bikila earned me an interview from a Canadian girl and some look of astonishment from the kiddos!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Theatrical Trailer

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the Part 1 of Breaking Dawn (the fourth installment on the Twilight Saga) was officially released. I know some of you are really excited about this. I for one am dying to hear the songs included in the OST but for now, all I can share is the list.

1. The Joy Formidable: END TAPES
2. Angus and Julia Stone: LOVE WILL TAKE YOU
3. Bruno Mars: IT WILL RAIN
4. Sleeping at Last: TURNING PAGE
5. The Features: From Now On
6. Christina Perri: A Thousand Years
7. Theophilus London: NEIGHBORS
8. The Belle Brigade: I DIDN'T MEAN IT
9. Noisettes: SISTER ROSETTA (2011 VERSION)
12. Imperial Mammoth: REQUIEM ON WATER
13. Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz: COLD
14. Mia Maestro: LLOVERA
15. Carter Burwell: LOVE DEATH BIRTH

I was expecting a song from Muse in the soundtrack (Newborn maybe) and from Paramore too. I love Bruno Mars…but on the playlist of Breaking Dawn? I don't know… Let's see… =)

Monday, September 19, 2011


I was out for my running workout today. And part of my workout was to do a fartlek.

Nope. I did not fart while I was doing it! haha!

But what is Fartlek by the way?

Fartlek, which means "speed play" in Swedish is a form of interval training that can be effective in improving your speed and endurance. Fartlek running involves varying your pace throughout your run, alternating between fast run and slow jogs. It differs from traditional interval training in that it is unstructured; intensity and/or speed can be varied and work-rest intervals can be based on how the body feels. 

Most fartlek sessions last a minimum of 45 minutes and can vary from aerobic walking to anaerobic sprinting. Fartlek training is generally associated with running, but can include almost any kind of exercise.

Here is an example of a Fartlek Session that I have read in Runner's World:

Block Party: 

In your city, neighborhood, or office park, use blocks as your "track." You can go around the block or do an out-and-back. Start at a slow pace for five to 10 steps, then gradually increase the pace for 20 to 50 steps, then run at race pace (but not all out) for one full block. Start with two or three fartlek segments and build to six. Walk for one or two minutes between each faster section. 

Running Landmark: 

Pick a telephone pole, mailbox, stop sign, or anything up ahead and run to it. You can choose one item (all telephone poles, for example) or multiple landmarks to create varying lengths of speed segments. On each segment, gradually pick up the pace until you're running fast but not all out. For the last 20 steps, hold the pace, but focus on relaxing your body and allowing momentum to take over. Walk or jog for half the distance of your repeat, then spot your next landmark and take off again. Continue for a total of 10 to 15 minutes, before running an easy five to 10 minutes to cool down.

Fartlek training puts a little extra stress on your system, eventually leading to faster speeds and improving your anaerobic threshold.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Amore Italian Cuisine--- Mi Amore!

Last September 7, I treated my Mom for her 56th Birthday at Amore Italian Cuisine, an Italian resto along Thalia St. here in Riyadh. It's actually my first time there and only found out about the resto by searching it online. There were good reviews about the resto on TripAdvisor so I was thinking to myself then maybe it was worth a try.

Upon entering the resto the first thing you would notice would be the red brick oven that hides the Male section of the restaurant. The family section is located at the 2nd floor. I asked the waiter what is his recommended dish since I told him I'll be treating my Mom because it's her birthday. 

We settled for:   

Rigatoni Alla Genovese
Rigatoni pasta with caramelized onion and shredded meat served in a parmesan cheese basket.

Frutti di Mare 
Pizza with mixed seafood, fresh mozzarella and fresh tomato.

For our dessert, I asked Kuya Joseph, the waiter, who is a kabayan by the way for his opinion on what to order. When I told him I would get exactly what he choose for us, he whispered to me saying: "Tapos lagyan natin ng happy birthday!" I immediately agreed on his suggestion. This is his recommend: 

Profitteroles Norvegese (the other one, i forgot the name!)
Cream puff stuffed with ice cream and hot chocolate fudge & Vanilla Ice cream.

After a while, as I was chatting with my Mom, the lights suddenly went off. And we suddenly heard voices singing the Happy Birthday song. It turns out, 3 of the waiters (2 kabayans and 1 from a foreign land) had conspired (conspired talaga eh no? hahaha!) to make my mom's birthday a special one without me  telling them to do so.  I was even left speechless! (Ako may birthday teh?! hehe...) They've done very well on plating the dessert and as Kuya Joseph promised, there was a Happy Birthday message written on the plate with matching candle light pa! hehehe... The local patrons even clapped their hands after the waiter finished singing and some of them greeted my mom a happy birthday (some even peeked out of their booths with smiling faces). =)

All in all, Amore Italian Cuisine is something I would recommend my friends to try out. The ambiance is good. The family section has an open space for families who want to dine out without being confined in small booths (***usually, resto here has booths for family dining since Saudi women are very private). But then, the booths are not that confined and has a nice interior. The bread and breadsticks for starters tastes good. The food I ordered is very much Italian indeed and passed my standard of Italian taste. hehehe... =D


A BIG plus factor is the service they give their patrons. I hope it wasn't only during that time. I wish when I go back there (even on a plain day). I would receive the same service I have during my Mom's birthday.

At dahil pinasaya niyo kami ng Mommy ko, I'll give this resto 5 stars! ***wink!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A fitness challenge with a twist---Hejaz Railway Fitness Challenge

After a week of no run, I'm baaaack! Yes, I'm back to my running workout. I have been following a personal running workout at Adidas miCoach site for over a month now and I kept a log of my workout history on that site too. I also downloaded the Adidas miCoach application on my iphone and I used it on my running workouts by way of GPS (Global Positioning System). GPS enables your speed, distance, calories and location data when using miCoach mobile outdoors as it works best when you have a clear view of the sky (with matching voice coaching too!).

sample running workout

Today is ALSO the start of the fitness challenge that was organized by the Nursing Department of the hospital that I'm working with.

The Hejaz Railway fitness challenge is an 8 weeks fitness challenge designed to promote a healthier lifestyle and nurture teamwork within the different nursing discipline. Each team is comprised of 4 members and the objective of the challenge is to complete 1,302 kilometers---YES! You read it right. We had to accomplish a total of 1,302 kilometers for the 8 weeks or 41 kilometers each member for a week in 8 weeks' time which is equivalent to the total distance of the Hejaz Railway that ran from Damascus to Medina! A big challenge eh? Imagine my dismay upon knowing about it. By that time, my head nurse had already signed me in on the challenge and just informed me when he already submitted my name (same goes with my other teammates). hahaha!

I was a bit relieved upon knowing the mechanics of the challenge was that a certain exercise or activity has a corresponding number of kilometers--- which means, we don't really need to run the whole 1,302 kilometers! Whew!

Anyways, here is some of the sample Kilometer-earning Activities:

Sit-ups/Crunches         100= 1 km
Abs training 15 mins= 1 km
Hash/Hike         1 km= 2 kms
Push-ups         40= 1 km
Pull-ups         5= 1 km
Run/Jog 1 km=3 km
Walk         1 km=1 km
Swimming         1 km (40 lengths)=4 km
Sports (Tennis, Soccer etc) 30 mins of play=1 km
Pilates/Yoga 30 min= 2 km
Aerobics         1 hour= 4 km
Weight training 30 mins of activity=2 km
Stepper/Elliptical         15 min= 1 km
Cycling         1 km= 1 km

So I guess I have to stick on what I do best---RUNNING! Even if I run only 5 kilometers on alternating days (3-4 times a week) I would meet the 41 km/week challenge! Plus, bonus kilometer is added if you accomplished the bonus points given weekly (this week's bonus point is: 2 pieces of fruit per day for the entire week is equivalent to 2 bonus kilometers).

So there, I have 2 purposes for my running workout. I will keep a log of my workout in my Adidas miCoach application because I wanted to be as honest as I can be on my workout challenge since they said that they wouldn't provide us with the GPS enabled sports watch ( I am not sure about this) until next week. It's also a good thing that the challenge is not a "Biggest-Loser-kind-of" challenge because I'm pretty sure I will be of no use for my team since I don't loose weight even if I run 10 kilometers a day (I got stuck on my 47-48 kgs weight with or without training).

Anyway, today I logged in 6.1 kilometers---which is equivalent to 18 kilometers for the fitness challenge. A nice way to start the week! Hopefully I would be able to blog my everyday fitness challenge (if time permits!). 
Wish me luck and the rest of my team for this Hejaz Railway Fitness Challenge! =D

Saturday, September 3, 2011


We had our weekend getaway last August 31 to September 2. Our destination: AL-KHOBAR! 

It's my first out-of-town trip so I guess I was way too excited for the trip. As usual, I over-packed again. I always bring with me extra clothes. Who knows what might come up during the trip that needs dressing up! hahaha! I thought I was the ultimate mother packer but two of my colleagues have bigger luggage---enough clothes to last them for a week! hehehe…=D

It took us roughly 6 hours to reach Al-Khobar. And in between the road trip I would fall into sleep and wake up feeling sore then fall asleep again… We had one stop-over to have our dinner and to empty our bladder and we're back on the road again. We reach our destination at around 11 in the evening and having hyper-active colleagues, rest wasn't a part of their vocabulary. And being the Pinoy that we are, Videoke session is our way of relaxing. =)

Off we went to Baher Villas in the morning. In Riyadh, all we got to swim on is our compound's pool so everybody was stoked on having to swim on the beach! Entrance fee: SR 75.

Baher Villas is a resort that they said were off limits to Saudis. Maybe that is why most expats came here to swim, to have a bit of privacy away from the disapproving looks of Saudi men. You can even wear your bikini if you like. 

Even if it's too hot to swim, we cannot contain ourselves not to have a dip on the beach. IT'S THE SOLE PURPOSE OF OUR AL-KHOBAR TRIP ANYWAY. hehe… The resort also has 4 small pools for the children and adults alike so that if you find it too hot to go for a swim on the beach, pool dipping would be a good alternative. There is also a mini restaurant to order food from and enough changing rooms for the resort patrons.

The beach wasn't that exceptional, but hey! Who are we to complain? As long as there is Sea, Sun and Sand, we'll be having fun! =D

The wall that keeps Baher Villas private


After a few weeks of blogging hiatus, I'm back! Sorry guys. I'm feeling a bit lazy here. =)

Anyways, I've been to the Faisaliyah Mall last week. Actually it's my first time there (I know I'm such a loser! Hahaha!), and lo! I found a Quicksilver store on the 3rd floor which is by the way, the home of Roxy and DC shoes too! 

One of my favorite brand is Roxy. I'm a beach lover (though not a good swimmer) and when I need beach-related stuff, I buy at Roxy. I like Billabong and RipCurl too! I am not even a surfer girl. I tried surfing once in Bagasbas beach in Camarines Norte but I can't even keep my balance for 10 seconds! Hahaha! Maybe, I'll try to put it in my Bucket list--- LEARN HOW TO SURF! =)

I feast my eyes on the Roxy swimwears, beach dresses, slippers, caps, bags and other accessories that are found in the Quicksilver store. I fought the urge to buy because at this point in time, I don't really need to buy beach related stuff since I still had one and beach tripping here would be occasional. 

Instead, I get myself this:

a casual shoulder bag and a luggage =) I guess I'm getting ready to go home in the Philippines! =)

These is how the store looks like in Faisaliyah Mall:

store's facade

Quicksilver is for men

Roxy is for women



My Roxy ♥!

Roxy swimwear from Singapore; The rest from Quicksilver-Roxy store in Trinoma, Philippines (level 2)

Friday, August 19, 2011

My New VFF! Vibram FiveFingers Bikila

This week, I received a package from the Phil that I have been long waiting for… my new VFF! That's right. It's my new bestfriend!---My Vibram FiveFingers Bikila.

VFF Bikila in Magenta/Orange/Grey Colorway

I know it should have been the other way around. I should have been the one sending package to the Philippines. hehe! But since running isn't much a trend here in the KSA, it's frustrating to find proper running shoes (even in Sports shops) especially because I am a woman and women here don't actually run outdoors (except for a few expats away from prying eyes...). I haven't seen a single soul in her Abaya running in a nearby park. And there are a few places to run here without worrying about your safety. Lucky for me, I live in a compound with a 1 kilometer jogging path. 

Why did I choose a Vibram FiveFingers Bikila, you might ask?

I'm fond of minimalist shoes. I started by running on a pair of Nike free (one of my favorites by the way) then with my now 2 months old Adizero Ace 3 (I would cramped after kilometer 3 but eventually run without issues later). Then I wanted to go more "barefoot" so I decided that I wanted to get myself a new running shoe. 

Last March, my brother asked me for a pair of Bikila for his 27th birthday. And because he liked it much and because of the positive reviews I heard, I decided to get myself one. wink!*

My Vibram FiveFingers Bikila comes in a Magenta/Orange/Grey colorway. Of course! I still want my VFF to be girly. hehe…

A brief background though: VFF Bikila is the first model among the VFFs that is designed to specifically promote a more natural, healthier and more efficient forefoot strike. It is also created for a more natural running experience. The model was also named after the Ethiopian Olympic champion and world record holder Abebe Bikila who, during the Olympic Marathon held in Rome ran barefoot after finding that his team-issued shoes hurt his feet. 

Anyway, I've been running with my VFF Bikila for almost a week now and the only injury (if you could call it that) I had is a blister I got during "breaking in" my new shoes. I ran without my five finger socks just to feel and experience my brand new Bikila and ran 5 kilometers in 33 minutes. haha! After that is a smooth and injury-free run. I know it's too early to tell, but I sooo love my Bikila (my shoe review will come after a month). I know it's not for everyone but it's definitely for me! =D 

My pretty Bikila and my ugly feet! haha! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Passport Renewal in Riyadh

I'm still one of the few who still owns the green Philippine passport and it's about time to upgrade it to the Machine Readable one. I secured my first passport in the year 2006---wherein your information is still written manually. Now the (not so rather) new passport is fashioning a new color--- maroon and is now electronically generated. And so is your photo. Before, you still need to bring with you a passport size photo (Pros- you got to look good in your studio taken pic).

For you guys who will need to renew your passport and is living in Riyadh, here's the simple step on how to accomplish your passport renewal and it's as easy as ABC!

Requirements for Passport Renewal include your original passport for renewal, a copy of your passport for renewal, a duly accomplished passport application form---secure one from the consular office or download the form from their website

The embassy is located inside the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh-D3 Collector Road to be exact. Cameroon and Senegal Consulate being the nearest embassy to it.

Upon entering the Consular office, proceed to Window 1 for verification of old passport, processing and issuance of invoice.

Proceed to the cashier (last window) and pay the required fee (SR 240).

Proceed to the Encoding area and wait for your turn. There are 3 manned booths wherein your photo will be captured, thumb mark will be scanned, filled out application form will be scanned, basic information will be encoded on to the computer and your electronic signature will be needed. Just make sure that all information you have given and was encoded is correct so as to spare you from repeating the process again or worse, pay the full ePassport fee.

That's it! And you're done. 

All you have to do is to wait for 2 months---YES, 2 months before the release of your new passport. So it is advisable to renew your passport 2-6 months before its expiration. You can call their hotline: 4823816 or keep track of your passport's release on their website:

Hope you'd find this article helpful! Happy Passport renewal! =)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

GOOGLE +, anyone?

What social network have you ever had an account? I started with the "now-defunct" Friendster. I had so much fun tweaking my profile back then. Then I signed up for MySpace. But I never really used it that much. Then I came to love Facebook and til now, I am still pretty much addicted to it. 

Now a new social network is born---Google +. And it's making its way to a number of people. I for one got an invite from my brother and eventually signed up for my own account. I haven't explore it that much but one thing I've noticed is that you can't write on your friend's wall like you do in Facebook but you can comment on their posts. Aside from that, It looks promising though. 

This is how the page looks like:

There are 3 main features that Google + boasts of:

1. CIRCLES let you share with just the right audience. You can limit to those people that belongs to a certain CIRCLE the things you want them to see. You can name your circle "backstabbing friends" for all you care but they won't see it as such. They will just see that they are in your circle but your circle's name is kept private only for you.

2. HANGOUTS let you chat with up to 10 of your friends in a circle. You can pop in and out of the real-time video as you want---which puts social interaction to another level. 

3. Use SPARKS as a way of finding great stuff in the web such as articles, blog posts and videos of a topic you're really interested in. Just one click and articles related to your interest will pop right into your stream.

Does that caught your attention? Wanna try Google +? I'll send you an invite if you like! =D

Thursday, July 14, 2011


One application that I frequently use in my Iphone is the Instagram--- describes as a fun & quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. 

You can either snap a photo or choose saved photos from the photo albums on your phone, then choose a filter to transform and glam up your shots. 

What's good about it is it's a FREE app!

Try also Webstagram---your Instagram web viewer. It's an easy way to view your photos, manage or delete comments and like or dislike photos through the web. Logging in on Webstagram is the same way as your Instagram username and password. 

Give it a try! Follow me and I'll follow you on Instagram. And Oh, don't forget to like my photos and leave comments too! =D

Username: running_nurse

Here are some of my Photos on Instagram:

Filter: Lomo-fi

Filter: Poprocket

Filter: Lomo-fi

Filter: Hefe

Filter: Gotham

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Confessions of (the making of ) a SALE-aholic

Yes! The SALE season in the kingdom is on just like most of the big cities worldwide. Most ladies may have rushed to the mall already at the time of this writing or maybe, had already worn their newly prized possessions. teehee! =)

The sense of accomplishment one gets when one bought something nice and gets it for a really good bargain is PRICELESS. I know lots of women (and men too!) can relate to this, right? =D

Anyway, I've been to the mall during the last week of June and that time the SALE is not yet full swing (most shops are in 50% sale mode). Nevertheless, there were a couple of items that I bought in New Look and H&M store in Sahara and Hayat Mall.

This weekend, I went to Riyadh Gallery with my mom initially just to look around (shouf shouf) and buy something that would catch my fancy. But just like any typical, normal lady out there, the Sale gets the best of me and I bought quite a handful. It earned me a disapproving look from my mom, but that didn't even stop me from buying. hehe…

***It's a good thing to like the FB page of the stores you patronize to be "in the loop" and be the first to rush to the mall and get well, the nicer items and not those that had been "mishandled" already.

Let me share to you the items I bought on sale (which isn't that much since I wanted to be sensible in my purchases). I'll make this blog entry as a photoblog. Enjoy! =D

If you find something you absolutely love, buy two!
Gray and Orange dress complete with leather belt
From: Zara
Original Price: 139 SR each
Bought For: 49 SR each

I like my Skinny Jeans ripped!
From: Terranova
Original Price: 240 SR
Bought For: 60SR
Basic Tees
From: Zara
Hooded Shirt 29 SR
Yellow Tee 29 SR

Getting ready for the winter with these eye candy! haha! (actually, the sweaters I use as undergarment for my scrubs. AC is set way too low in my workplace to compensate for the very hot weather outside.)
From: New Yorker
Eye Candy Sweater Original Price: 55 Sr
Bought for: 29 SR
Floral Blouses
From: New Look
Original Price: 79 SR
Bought for: 25 SR
LBD Lovely Black Dress
From: Lindex
Original price: 175 SR
Bought for: 49 SR

Another set of Two! =)
Although not on sale, I bought this for a Sale Price!
From: H&M
Tube Florals for 49 SR
Scarf for 39 SR

Now, How do I look on them? teehee! =D

Here are some tips when going on SALE SHOPPING:

1. Make a mental note of what you want to buy--- usually clothes that would just fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

2. Try to stick on your budget as much as possible so as not to have that guilty feeling after.

3. Don't just buy items because they are on "SALE". Make sure you are sure to spend your moolah on that item. Think it over properly.

4. Make sure what you buy suits your: body shape, personality and if the color suits your skin tone (especially for shoppers here in the kingdom wherein fitting room is unheard of).

5. Put the item on hold if you are in doubt whether to buy it or not. If you can't stop thinking about it an hour or a day later, then probably it's a good thing to buy.

6. If you find something that is a perfect fit, a good bargain or is a quality item, get another one in a different color or even the same color especially if you will wear it often.