Amore Italian Cuisine--- Mi Amore!

Last September 7, I treated my Mom for her 56th Birthday at Amore Italian Cuisine, an Italian resto along Thalia St. here in Riyadh. It's actually my first time there and only found out about the resto by searching it online. There were good reviews about the resto on TripAdvisor so I was thinking to myself then maybe it was worth a try.

Upon entering the resto the first thing you would notice would be the red brick oven that hides the Male section of the restaurant. The family section is located at the 2nd floor. I asked the waiter what is his recommended dish since I told him I'll be treating my Mom because it's her birthday. 

We settled for:   

Rigatoni Alla Genovese
Rigatoni pasta with caramelized onion and shredded meat served in a parmesan cheese basket.

Frutti di Mare 
Pizza with mixed seafood, fresh mozzarella and fresh tomato.

For our dessert, I asked Kuya Joseph, the waiter, who is a kabayan by the way for his opinion on what to order. When I told him I would get exactly what he choose for us, he whispered to me saying: "Tapos lagyan natin ng happy birthday!" I immediately agreed on his suggestion. This is his recommend: 

Profitteroles Norvegese (the other one, i forgot the name!)
Cream puff stuffed with ice cream and hot chocolate fudge & Vanilla Ice cream.

After a while, as I was chatting with my Mom, the lights suddenly went off. And we suddenly heard voices singing the Happy Birthday song. It turns out, 3 of the waiters (2 kabayans and 1 from a foreign land) had conspired (conspired talaga eh no? hahaha!) to make my mom's birthday a special one without me  telling them to do so.  I was even left speechless! (Ako may birthday teh?! hehe...) They've done very well on plating the dessert and as Kuya Joseph promised, there was a Happy Birthday message written on the plate with matching candle light pa! hehehe... The local patrons even clapped their hands after the waiter finished singing and some of them greeted my mom a happy birthday (some even peeked out of their booths with smiling faces). =)

All in all, Amore Italian Cuisine is something I would recommend my friends to try out. The ambiance is good. The family section has an open space for families who want to dine out without being confined in small booths (***usually, resto here has booths for family dining since Saudi women are very private). But then, the booths are not that confined and has a nice interior. The bread and breadsticks for starters tastes good. The food I ordered is very much Italian indeed and passed my standard of Italian taste. hehehe... =D


A BIG plus factor is the service they give their patrons. I hope it wasn't only during that time. I wish when I go back there (even on a plain day). I would receive the same service I have during my Mom's birthday.

At dahil pinasaya niyo kami ng Mommy ko, I'll give this resto 5 stars! ***wink!


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