Monday, August 23, 2010

The Running Siblings!

This morning was a good day to run. The weather is perfect (in a runner’s perspective). Cloudy and breezy with a bit of sun peeping through.

 I woke up to see my brother, Boks, already on his running outfit. Boks is my youngest sibling. He is my constant jogging and running companion/photographer/ financier... hahaha! All the running events I joined are with him except for my first run, the Globe’s run for Home which I joined together with my sister. He was our official photographer during that time and upon seeing that my sister and I were enjoying the run, he eventually followed suit.

We usually like to run on the afternoons--- I find it hard to wake up early and my brother is working on a night shift hence, the afternoon runs. We make it a point to run regularly but due to my somewhat hectic workload and irregular duty schedules, it’s nearly impossible to do so. Sometimes, he would jog alone or with Carla, my neighbour/workmate/running companion.

During our last running event, “the Rexona Run”, we decided not to wait till next year to join 10k run. We are doing it on October. Hopefully, during the Adidas KOTR we will be all ready and prepared to run 10K. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Here are some of the running photos taken with my brother:

taken during Earth Run
during the Globe Run for Home... he wasn't running yet... he was our dakilang alalay! =)
Takbo PAA fun run sponsored by St. Luke's Pedia Alumni Assoc.
Rock and Run---we enjoyed running in the rain!
Rexona Run--our latest running event
Taken this morning in Amoranto Stadium. Me, on the far left. walking...
Our morning run
Boks, up close...=)
walking home

Friday, August 20, 2010

Morning Run-- post flu

Two weeks of no run. The first week is due to laziness and the constant pouring... –THAT is inexcusable. The second is due to a case of cough and colds. Well, the second reason maybe because I am more susceptible getting sick due to lack of exercise which brought me back to the first reason, LAZINESS. 

I was feeling a lot better when I woke up this morning. Yes, the cough and colds is still there but otherwise, I am okay. Feeling guilty of neglecting my regular runs, I decided to put on my running outfit and was resolved to do brisk walking only. But when I get at the running tracks of the stadium, I was overwhelmed by the numbers of runners doing their morning run. I instantly felt better! After completing a 400 meters walk, I found myself running my regular run. I ran more than 3 kilometres straight but had to stop because I was afraid that instead of recuperating from the flu, it would get worse. Then I walked 1 kilometre, ran an easy pace 1 km, and walked again 1 km then do a 1 km fast paced run. 

I am still waiting for my body’s response to the exercise I subject myself with this morning but I am very positive that what I did would help me get back to my old running routine!

After all, exercise is the best way to stay fit and ward off sickness! =)

don't forget your warm-ups!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Running Nurse

I'm a Nurse by profession but Running is my new-found passion...

I started running January of 2010--- a result of a heart ache. At that time, I was completely wallowing on my broken heart. I wasn't productive. I even had a trip to the ER--2 weeks of drinking booze and not eating much. I'll spare the details... But in short, after all my over-dramatic, traumatic experience, I'm bouncing off my walls again. Then a friend of mine, Ate Carla, suggested I need a distraction--a diversion from my “love sucks, and then you’ll die” attitude. At that time, she was a regular jogger in Amoranto. She suggested that I should try jogging and vent out all my pent-up emotion by running. The first few days were difficult. I am not the type of person who does work-outs and exercise a lot or goes to the gym. I’m too thin and too frail. That is why doing 1 lap in the stadium’s oval (which is equivalent to 400 meters only!) is such a tremendous challenge for me. But eventually, I get the hang of it. I would jog with my sister or with Ate Carla whenever I had my free time. You see, in my profession it is hard to have a regular running routine. There is a constant change in work schedule. Whenever my work schedule would be at night (10 pm-6 am), I’ll do my running in the morning or the afternoon just before going to work; whenever I am Morning shift, I’d be running in the afternoon; PM shift, I’d run in the morning.

The first race I joined was Globe’s Run for Home last March 2010. My sister texted me if I want to join and that she’ll had me registered. I was hesitant at first since I was new to running and I don’t know what to expect during the race. I decided to try it just for fun and registered in the 5k division. I finished the race at 34 mins and 57 sec. 690th over 2443 who ran on the 5k. Boy was I glad! Not bad for a rookie runner. I even finished ahead of my sister.That time, I don't even have a proper running shoes. I was using my old, reliable skechers trainers... =)