Morning Run-- post flu

Two weeks of no run. The first week is due to laziness and the constant pouring... –THAT is inexcusable. The second is due to a case of cough and colds. Well, the second reason maybe because I am more susceptible getting sick due to lack of exercise which brought me back to the first reason, LAZINESS. 

I was feeling a lot better when I woke up this morning. Yes, the cough and colds is still there but otherwise, I am okay. Feeling guilty of neglecting my regular runs, I decided to put on my running outfit and was resolved to do brisk walking only. But when I get at the running tracks of the stadium, I was overwhelmed by the numbers of runners doing their morning run. I instantly felt better! After completing a 400 meters walk, I found myself running my regular run. I ran more than 3 kilometres straight but had to stop because I was afraid that instead of recuperating from the flu, it would get worse. Then I walked 1 kilometre, ran an easy pace 1 km, and walked again 1 km then do a 1 km fast paced run. 

I am still waiting for my body’s response to the exercise I subject myself with this morning but I am very positive that what I did would help me get back to my old running routine!

After all, exercise is the best way to stay fit and ward off sickness! =)

don't forget your warm-ups!


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