Thursday, July 28, 2011

Passport Renewal in Riyadh

I'm still one of the few who still owns the green Philippine passport and it's about time to upgrade it to the Machine Readable one. I secured my first passport in the year 2006---wherein your information is still written manually. Now the (not so rather) new passport is fashioning a new color--- maroon and is now electronically generated. And so is your photo. Before, you still need to bring with you a passport size photo (Pros- you got to look good in your studio taken pic).

For you guys who will need to renew your passport and is living in Riyadh, here's the simple step on how to accomplish your passport renewal and it's as easy as ABC!

Requirements for Passport Renewal include your original passport for renewal, a copy of your passport for renewal, a duly accomplished passport application form---secure one from the consular office or download the form from their website

The embassy is located inside the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh-D3 Collector Road to be exact. Cameroon and Senegal Consulate being the nearest embassy to it.

Upon entering the Consular office, proceed to Window 1 for verification of old passport, processing and issuance of invoice.

Proceed to the cashier (last window) and pay the required fee (SR 240).

Proceed to the Encoding area and wait for your turn. There are 3 manned booths wherein your photo will be captured, thumb mark will be scanned, filled out application form will be scanned, basic information will be encoded on to the computer and your electronic signature will be needed. Just make sure that all information you have given and was encoded is correct so as to spare you from repeating the process again or worse, pay the full ePassport fee.

That's it! And you're done. 

All you have to do is to wait for 2 months---YES, 2 months before the release of your new passport. So it is advisable to renew your passport 2-6 months before its expiration. You can call their hotline: 4823816 or keep track of your passport's release on their website:

Hope you'd find this article helpful! Happy Passport renewal! =)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

GOOGLE +, anyone?

What social network have you ever had an account? I started with the "now-defunct" Friendster. I had so much fun tweaking my profile back then. Then I signed up for MySpace. But I never really used it that much. Then I came to love Facebook and til now, I am still pretty much addicted to it. 

Now a new social network is born---Google +. And it's making its way to a number of people. I for one got an invite from my brother and eventually signed up for my own account. I haven't explore it that much but one thing I've noticed is that you can't write on your friend's wall like you do in Facebook but you can comment on their posts. Aside from that, It looks promising though. 

This is how the page looks like:

There are 3 main features that Google + boasts of:

1. CIRCLES let you share with just the right audience. You can limit to those people that belongs to a certain CIRCLE the things you want them to see. You can name your circle "backstabbing friends" for all you care but they won't see it as such. They will just see that they are in your circle but your circle's name is kept private only for you.

2. HANGOUTS let you chat with up to 10 of your friends in a circle. You can pop in and out of the real-time video as you want---which puts social interaction to another level. 

3. Use SPARKS as a way of finding great stuff in the web such as articles, blog posts and videos of a topic you're really interested in. Just one click and articles related to your interest will pop right into your stream.

Does that caught your attention? Wanna try Google +? I'll send you an invite if you like! =D

Thursday, July 14, 2011


One application that I frequently use in my Iphone is the Instagram--- describes as a fun & quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. 

You can either snap a photo or choose saved photos from the photo albums on your phone, then choose a filter to transform and glam up your shots. 

What's good about it is it's a FREE app!

Try also Webstagram---your Instagram web viewer. It's an easy way to view your photos, manage or delete comments and like or dislike photos through the web. Logging in on Webstagram is the same way as your Instagram username and password. 

Give it a try! Follow me and I'll follow you on Instagram. And Oh, don't forget to like my photos and leave comments too! =D

Username: running_nurse

Here are some of my Photos on Instagram:

Filter: Lomo-fi

Filter: Poprocket

Filter: Lomo-fi

Filter: Hefe

Filter: Gotham

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Confessions of (the making of ) a SALE-aholic

Yes! The SALE season in the kingdom is on just like most of the big cities worldwide. Most ladies may have rushed to the mall already at the time of this writing or maybe, had already worn their newly prized possessions. teehee! =)

The sense of accomplishment one gets when one bought something nice and gets it for a really good bargain is PRICELESS. I know lots of women (and men too!) can relate to this, right? =D

Anyway, I've been to the mall during the last week of June and that time the SALE is not yet full swing (most shops are in 50% sale mode). Nevertheless, there were a couple of items that I bought in New Look and H&M store in Sahara and Hayat Mall.

This weekend, I went to Riyadh Gallery with my mom initially just to look around (shouf shouf) and buy something that would catch my fancy. But just like any typical, normal lady out there, the Sale gets the best of me and I bought quite a handful. It earned me a disapproving look from my mom, but that didn't even stop me from buying. hehe…

***It's a good thing to like the FB page of the stores you patronize to be "in the loop" and be the first to rush to the mall and get well, the nicer items and not those that had been "mishandled" already.

Let me share to you the items I bought on sale (which isn't that much since I wanted to be sensible in my purchases). I'll make this blog entry as a photoblog. Enjoy! =D

If you find something you absolutely love, buy two!
Gray and Orange dress complete with leather belt
From: Zara
Original Price: 139 SR each
Bought For: 49 SR each

I like my Skinny Jeans ripped!
From: Terranova
Original Price: 240 SR
Bought For: 60SR
Basic Tees
From: Zara
Hooded Shirt 29 SR
Yellow Tee 29 SR

Getting ready for the winter with these eye candy! haha! (actually, the sweaters I use as undergarment for my scrubs. AC is set way too low in my workplace to compensate for the very hot weather outside.)
From: New Yorker
Eye Candy Sweater Original Price: 55 Sr
Bought for: 29 SR
Floral Blouses
From: New Look
Original Price: 79 SR
Bought for: 25 SR
LBD Lovely Black Dress
From: Lindex
Original price: 175 SR
Bought for: 49 SR

Another set of Two! =)
Although not on sale, I bought this for a Sale Price!
From: H&M
Tube Florals for 49 SR
Scarf for 39 SR

Now, How do I look on them? teehee! =D

Here are some tips when going on SALE SHOPPING:

1. Make a mental note of what you want to buy--- usually clothes that would just fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

2. Try to stick on your budget as much as possible so as not to have that guilty feeling after.

3. Don't just buy items because they are on "SALE". Make sure you are sure to spend your moolah on that item. Think it over properly.

4. Make sure what you buy suits your: body shape, personality and if the color suits your skin tone (especially for shoppers here in the kingdom wherein fitting room is unheard of).

5. Put the item on hold if you are in doubt whether to buy it or not. If you can't stop thinking about it an hour or a day later, then probably it's a good thing to buy.

6. If you find something that is a perfect fit, a good bargain or is a quality item, get another one in a different color or even the same color especially if you will wear it often.