Passport Renewal in Riyadh

I'm still one of the few who still owns the green Philippine passport and it's about time to upgrade it to the Machine Readable one. I secured my first passport in the year 2006---wherein your information is still written manually. Now the (not so rather) new passport is fashioning a new color--- maroon and is now electronically generated. And so is your photo. Before, you still need to bring with you a passport size photo (Pros- you got to look good in your studio taken pic).

For you guys who will need to renew your passport and is living in Riyadh, here's the simple step on how to accomplish your passport renewal and it's as easy as ABC!

Requirements for Passport Renewal include your original passport for renewal, a copy of your passport for renewal, a duly accomplished passport application form---secure one from the consular office or download the form from their website

The embassy is located inside the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh-D3 Collector Road to be exact. Cameroon and Senegal Consulate being the nearest embassy to it.

Upon entering the Consular office, proceed to Window 1 for verification of old passport, processing and issuance of invoice.

Proceed to the cashier (last window) and pay the required fee (SR 240).

Proceed to the Encoding area and wait for your turn. There are 3 manned booths wherein your photo will be captured, thumb mark will be scanned, filled out application form will be scanned, basic information will be encoded on to the computer and your electronic signature will be needed. Just make sure that all information you have given and was encoded is correct so as to spare you from repeating the process again or worse, pay the full ePassport fee.

That's it! And you're done. 

All you have to do is to wait for 2 months---YES, 2 months before the release of your new passport. So it is advisable to renew your passport 2-6 months before its expiration. You can call their hotline: 4823816 or keep track of your passport's release on their website:

Hope you'd find this article helpful! Happy Passport renewal! =)


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