GOOGLE +, anyone?

What social network have you ever had an account? I started with the "now-defunct" Friendster. I had so much fun tweaking my profile back then. Then I signed up for MySpace. But I never really used it that much. Then I came to love Facebook and til now, I am still pretty much addicted to it. 

Now a new social network is born---Google +. And it's making its way to a number of people. I for one got an invite from my brother and eventually signed up for my own account. I haven't explore it that much but one thing I've noticed is that you can't write on your friend's wall like you do in Facebook but you can comment on their posts. Aside from that, It looks promising though. 

This is how the page looks like:

There are 3 main features that Google + boasts of:

1. CIRCLES let you share with just the right audience. You can limit to those people that belongs to a certain CIRCLE the things you want them to see. You can name your circle "backstabbing friends" for all you care but they won't see it as such. They will just see that they are in your circle but your circle's name is kept private only for you.

2. HANGOUTS let you chat with up to 10 of your friends in a circle. You can pop in and out of the real-time video as you want---which puts social interaction to another level. 

3. Use SPARKS as a way of finding great stuff in the web such as articles, blog posts and videos of a topic you're really interested in. Just one click and articles related to your interest will pop right into your stream.

Does that caught your attention? Wanna try Google +? I'll send you an invite if you like! =D


  1. Hi Diorelle,

    Please do send me an invite for Google +.
    Thanks and GODBLESS.

    Albert-ERT Rendal

  2. send me an invite,,,thnks.


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