Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuna Aglio Olio e Peperoncino

It’s the holiday season and whether we like it or not, one cannot avoid over-indulging with the sumptuous meals prepared during the Noche Buena or the Media Noche. During this season, all take on diet is forgotten. There's this Company Party you're attending to, Night out with the Barkadas, high school reunion, college reunion, family reunion, dinner with the boyfriend, fiance/e, in-laws... and all these entails what else, but  delectable, tempting, gastronomic, mouth-watering FOOD. And whether we like it or not, it's on our Filipino culture to feast during special occasions.

I have here a recipe of one of my favorite pasta dishes that is healthy and light that I wanted to share with you. I usually make this as a “baon-to-share” when going to work and I usually got positive reviews from my colleagues. They've been asking me to give them the recipe so I made this into a food blog entry so that other people could try to cook this at home. Also, I usually cook this during my CARBO LOADING phase before a run.

I hope you will find time to try my recipe and maybe try to improvise it and make it your own.

This is my own version of: 

Tuna Aglio Olio e Peperoncino

You will need:

Spaghetti or Linguini (1 kg)
1-2 bulbs of Garlic, crushed then minced (I prefer to make mine with more garlic)
2 cans of canned Tuna (in vegetable oil or the spicy one)
1 tsp of Chilli flakes (peperoncino) or as desired
1 can of Mushroom (pieces and stems)
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Chopped Parsley (optional)
Chopped Basil (optional) (I make mine with lots of Basil! I sooo love the aroma of a fresh basil leaf)
Salt and Pepper to taste

•    First, cook Linguini or spaghetti following package direction. Make sure it is al dente.
•    Set aside.

•    In a hot skillet, pour at least ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil.
•    Sauté minced garlic and peperoncino until brown.
•    Add the canned tuna and continue to cook until tuna begin to break apart.
•    Add the mushroom and let it simmer.
•    Add parsley, basil, pepper and salt to taste.
•    Toss the cooked Linguini into the skillet. You can add more olive oil as desired.

This one I made last Christmas Eve for the Noche Buena. Tuna and Shrimp Aglio Olio e Peperoncino

I also tried making Aglio Olio with shrimp or with shrimp and tuna to make it richer. But for those who don’t want their love handles protruding in layers, you can stick with the tuna. And please,  stick with Olive oil as it is beneficial to your health. Don't try to use  another alternative for it. Try also putting on black pitted olives, capers and anchovies.


Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I was looking at the website of Runner’s World this morning when I happened to saw this online poll regarding what other name should a half marathon be called.

Here are the options:

1.    13.1 miler
2.    21-K
3.    Pikermi

The first two options were a no-brainer but I was drawn to the 3rd option- PIKERMI. I was so curious why a half marathon should be called as such so I began to Google it and here’s what I found out:

A marathon run as we all know is a race that is 26.2 miles (equal to 26 miles 385 yards, or 42.2 kilometers) long and originated when Pheiddipides, a greek messenger, ran from the Plains of Marathon to Athens to proclaim the Greek’s victory in battle. He ran the entire distance without stopping and burst into the assembly exclaiming "We have Won!" before collapsing and dying. A race was then organized annually over the supposed original route and is known as the Athens Marathon.

The town of Pikermi  is situated halfway between the town of Marathon and Athens- a distance of about 13.1 miles (equal to 21 kilometers).

The idea behind the need of giving the "half marathon" it's own name is based on the thought that the accomplishment of running a race of 13.1 miles should not be diminished by describing it as "only half" of something else because it is a very respectable distance. It does not make one half of a runner when one runs a half. – This, I stumbled upon the blog Good luck on that Pikermi! written by Pochero in Runner’s world and it helped me a lot to understand why a half mary is much better named as Pikermi!
Also, try to click this link if you wanted to join or wanted to know more about Team Pikermi or you could search their group on facebook. =)

Here is a sample photo of Team Pikermi shirt: 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Farewell to Running... (or not)

I recently resigned from my nursing job in my beloved St. Luke’s Medical Center (Quezon City) to seek “greener pasture” abroad. You see, for a single mom like me, my salary is not enough to cover all our daily expenses. And just like the millions of parents out there, I want to give my daughter the best things that life (and I) can offer. Even if it means, being away from her.

I have less than a month before my expected departure on January and I am trying to enjoy every last minute of it since the country I would be going to is not a free country and is restricted by the laws of Islam. Soon I will be one of the thousands of women wearing abaya, who cannot have conversation with guys in public and will not be allowed to travel alone. The saddest part is being away from my daughter, my family and friends and of course, I will not be able to run as freely as I am running the pavements here in the Philippines. No more running events to join and to prepare for... My runs will be restricted to the confines of the compound where I'll live. My best friend would be the treadmill lying in a Gym somewhere that I will soon discover... 

Then maybe, I will learn to love running in a treadmill or running round and round the compound. One thing’s for sure though, I wouldn’t stop running and wouldn’t stop preparing for the next Run that I will be joining when I came back after a year of working abroad. Half Mary or Full Mary---let’s see... =)

But for now, I will run as free and as long as my feet can take. I will savor every running moment that I have.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Freedom Run

This morning I enjoyed running with the two men in my life: My Dad and my Brother Boks, in the place where I grow up: Pili, Cam Sur!

I remember receiving a text message from my Dad 3 days before my brother and I were  about to go home here in Bicol for a week long vacation, stating that we should bring running outfits when we go home (as if we needed reminding!). So here we are after our 2nd day in Cam Sur, running in the tracks of Freedom Stadium here in Pili at 5:30 in the morning even if it is drizzling. I run my usual 5 km before calling it quits because the slight drizzle started to turn into a downpour. Stretching in the rain was our way of cooling down after… =)

Too bad, I won't make it to the Cam Sur International Marathon though. =( We'd be in Singapore by then for a little vacay. Nevertheless, I am happy because my Dad will be running 3K during the said event. He even started running on his free time. Hopefully, he'd continue running even after the cam sur run and hopefully, it would be a start of a healthier him!
Running with my Dad. He's using my Rock and Run singlet! hahaha!
Father and Son tandem--the earth runner and the rocker runner
running solo
our signature pose--running nurses

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Running Siblings!

This morning was a good day to run. The weather is perfect (in a runner’s perspective). Cloudy and breezy with a bit of sun peeping through.

 I woke up to see my brother, Boks, already on his running outfit. Boks is my youngest sibling. He is my constant jogging and running companion/photographer/ financier... hahaha! All the running events I joined are with him except for my first run, the Globe’s run for Home which I joined together with my sister. He was our official photographer during that time and upon seeing that my sister and I were enjoying the run, he eventually followed suit.

We usually like to run on the afternoons--- I find it hard to wake up early and my brother is working on a night shift hence, the afternoon runs. We make it a point to run regularly but due to my somewhat hectic workload and irregular duty schedules, it’s nearly impossible to do so. Sometimes, he would jog alone or with Carla, my neighbour/workmate/running companion.

During our last running event, “the Rexona Run”, we decided not to wait till next year to join 10k run. We are doing it on October. Hopefully, during the Adidas KOTR we will be all ready and prepared to run 10K. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Here are some of the running photos taken with my brother:

taken during Earth Run
during the Globe Run for Home... he wasn't running yet... he was our dakilang alalay! =)
Takbo PAA fun run sponsored by St. Luke's Pedia Alumni Assoc.
Rock and Run---we enjoyed running in the rain!
Rexona Run--our latest running event
Taken this morning in Amoranto Stadium. Me, on the far left. walking...
Our morning run
Boks, up close...=)
walking home

Friday, August 20, 2010

Morning Run-- post flu

Two weeks of no run. The first week is due to laziness and the constant pouring... –THAT is inexcusable. The second is due to a case of cough and colds. Well, the second reason maybe because I am more susceptible getting sick due to lack of exercise which brought me back to the first reason, LAZINESS. 

I was feeling a lot better when I woke up this morning. Yes, the cough and colds is still there but otherwise, I am okay. Feeling guilty of neglecting my regular runs, I decided to put on my running outfit and was resolved to do brisk walking only. But when I get at the running tracks of the stadium, I was overwhelmed by the numbers of runners doing their morning run. I instantly felt better! After completing a 400 meters walk, I found myself running my regular run. I ran more than 3 kilometres straight but had to stop because I was afraid that instead of recuperating from the flu, it would get worse. Then I walked 1 kilometre, ran an easy pace 1 km, and walked again 1 km then do a 1 km fast paced run. 

I am still waiting for my body’s response to the exercise I subject myself with this morning but I am very positive that what I did would help me get back to my old running routine!

After all, exercise is the best way to stay fit and ward off sickness! =)

don't forget your warm-ups!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Running Nurse

I'm a Nurse by profession but Running is my new-found passion...

I started running January of 2010--- a result of a heart ache. At that time, I was completely wallowing on my broken heart. I wasn't productive. I even had a trip to the ER--2 weeks of drinking booze and not eating much. I'll spare the details... But in short, after all my over-dramatic, traumatic experience, I'm bouncing off my walls again. Then a friend of mine, Ate Carla, suggested I need a distraction--a diversion from my “love sucks, and then you’ll die” attitude. At that time, she was a regular jogger in Amoranto. She suggested that I should try jogging and vent out all my pent-up emotion by running. The first few days were difficult. I am not the type of person who does work-outs and exercise a lot or goes to the gym. I’m too thin and too frail. That is why doing 1 lap in the stadium’s oval (which is equivalent to 400 meters only!) is such a tremendous challenge for me. But eventually, I get the hang of it. I would jog with my sister or with Ate Carla whenever I had my free time. You see, in my profession it is hard to have a regular running routine. There is a constant change in work schedule. Whenever my work schedule would be at night (10 pm-6 am), I’ll do my running in the morning or the afternoon just before going to work; whenever I am Morning shift, I’d be running in the afternoon; PM shift, I’d run in the morning.

The first race I joined was Globe’s Run for Home last March 2010. My sister texted me if I want to join and that she’ll had me registered. I was hesitant at first since I was new to running and I don’t know what to expect during the race. I decided to try it just for fun and registered in the 5k division. I finished the race at 34 mins and 57 sec. 690th over 2443 who ran on the 5k. Boy was I glad! Not bad for a rookie runner. I even finished ahead of my sister.That time, I don't even have a proper running shoes. I was using my old, reliable skechers trainers... =)