Freedom Run

This morning I enjoyed running with the two men in my life: My Dad and my Brother Boks, in the place where I grow up: Pili, Cam Sur!

I remember receiving a text message from my Dad 3 days before my brother and I were  about to go home here in Bicol for a week long vacation, stating that we should bring running outfits when we go home (as if we needed reminding!). So here we are after our 2nd day in Cam Sur, running in the tracks of Freedom Stadium here in Pili at 5:30 in the morning even if it is drizzling. I run my usual 5 km before calling it quits because the slight drizzle started to turn into a downpour. Stretching in the rain was our way of cooling down after… =)

Too bad, I won't make it to the Cam Sur International Marathon though. =( We'd be in Singapore by then for a little vacay. Nevertheless, I am happy because my Dad will be running 3K during the said event. He even started running on his free time. Hopefully, he'd continue running even after the cam sur run and hopefully, it would be a start of a healthier him!
Running with my Dad. He's using my Rock and Run singlet! hahaha!
Father and Son tandem--the earth runner and the rocker runner
running solo
our signature pose--running nurses


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