The Running Nurse

I'm a Nurse by profession but Running is my new-found passion...

I started running January of 2010--- a result of a heart ache. At that time, I was completely wallowing on my broken heart. I wasn't productive. I even had a trip to the ER--2 weeks of drinking booze and not eating much. I'll spare the details... But in short, after all my over-dramatic, traumatic experience, I'm bouncing off my walls again. Then a friend of mine, Ate Carla, suggested I need a distraction--a diversion from my “love sucks, and then you’ll die” attitude. At that time, she was a regular jogger in Amoranto. She suggested that I should try jogging and vent out all my pent-up emotion by running. The first few days were difficult. I am not the type of person who does work-outs and exercise a lot or goes to the gym. I’m too thin and too frail. That is why doing 1 lap in the stadium’s oval (which is equivalent to 400 meters only!) is such a tremendous challenge for me. But eventually, I get the hang of it. I would jog with my sister or with Ate Carla whenever I had my free time. You see, in my profession it is hard to have a regular running routine. There is a constant change in work schedule. Whenever my work schedule would be at night (10 pm-6 am), I’ll do my running in the morning or the afternoon just before going to work; whenever I am Morning shift, I’d be running in the afternoon; PM shift, I’d run in the morning.

The first race I joined was Globe’s Run for Home last March 2010. My sister texted me if I want to join and that she’ll had me registered. I was hesitant at first since I was new to running and I don’t know what to expect during the race. I decided to try it just for fun and registered in the 5k division. I finished the race at 34 mins and 57 sec. 690th over 2443 who ran on the 5k. Boy was I glad! Not bad for a rookie runner. I even finished ahead of my sister.That time, I don't even have a proper running shoes. I was using my old, reliable skechers trainers... =)


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