Farewell to Running... (or not)

I recently resigned from my nursing job in my beloved St. Luke’s Medical Center (Quezon City) to seek “greener pasture” abroad. You see, for a single mom like me, my salary is not enough to cover all our daily expenses. And just like the millions of parents out there, I want to give my daughter the best things that life (and I) can offer. Even if it means, being away from her.

I have less than a month before my expected departure on January and I am trying to enjoy every last minute of it since the country I would be going to is not a free country and is restricted by the laws of Islam. Soon I will be one of the thousands of women wearing abaya, who cannot have conversation with guys in public and will not be allowed to travel alone. The saddest part is being away from my daughter, my family and friends and of course, I will not be able to run as freely as I am running the pavements here in the Philippines. No more running events to join and to prepare for... My runs will be restricted to the confines of the compound where I'll live. My best friend would be the treadmill lying in a Gym somewhere that I will soon discover... 

Then maybe, I will learn to love running in a treadmill or running round and round the compound. One thing’s for sure though, I wouldn’t stop running and wouldn’t stop preparing for the next Run that I will be joining when I came back after a year of working abroad. Half Mary or Full Mary---let’s see... =)

But for now, I will run as free and as long as my feet can take. I will savor every running moment that I have.


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