One application that I frequently use in my Iphone is the Instagram--- describes as a fun & quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. 

You can either snap a photo or choose saved photos from the photo albums on your phone, then choose a filter to transform and glam up your shots. 

What's good about it is it's a FREE app!

Try also Webstagram---your Instagram web viewer. It's an easy way to view your photos, manage or delete comments and like or dislike photos through the web. Logging in on Webstagram is the same way as your Instagram username and password. 

Give it a try! Follow me and I'll follow you on Instagram. And Oh, don't forget to like my photos and leave comments too! =D

Username: running_nurse

Here are some of my Photos on Instagram:

Filter: Lomo-fi

Filter: Poprocket

Filter: Lomo-fi

Filter: Hefe

Filter: Gotham


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