After a few weeks of blogging hiatus, I'm back! Sorry guys. I'm feeling a bit lazy here. =)

Anyways, I've been to the Faisaliyah Mall last week. Actually it's my first time there (I know I'm such a loser! Hahaha!), and lo! I found a Quicksilver store on the 3rd floor which is by the way, the home of Roxy and DC shoes too! 

One of my favorite brand is Roxy. I'm a beach lover (though not a good swimmer) and when I need beach-related stuff, I buy at Roxy. I like Billabong and RipCurl too! I am not even a surfer girl. I tried surfing once in Bagasbas beach in Camarines Norte but I can't even keep my balance for 10 seconds! Hahaha! Maybe, I'll try to put it in my Bucket list--- LEARN HOW TO SURF! =)

I feast my eyes on the Roxy swimwears, beach dresses, slippers, caps, bags and other accessories that are found in the Quicksilver store. I fought the urge to buy because at this point in time, I don't really need to buy beach related stuff since I still had one and beach tripping here would be occasional. 

Instead, I get myself this:

a casual shoulder bag and a luggage =) I guess I'm getting ready to go home in the Philippines! =)

These is how the store looks like in Faisaliyah Mall:

store's facade

Quicksilver is for men

Roxy is for women



My Roxy ♥!

Roxy swimwear from Singapore; The rest from Quicksilver-Roxy store in Trinoma, Philippines (level 2)


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