We had our weekend getaway last August 31 to September 2. Our destination: AL-KHOBAR! 

It's my first out-of-town trip so I guess I was way too excited for the trip. As usual, I over-packed again. I always bring with me extra clothes. Who knows what might come up during the trip that needs dressing up! hahaha! I thought I was the ultimate mother packer but two of my colleagues have bigger luggage---enough clothes to last them for a week! hehehe…=D

It took us roughly 6 hours to reach Al-Khobar. And in between the road trip I would fall into sleep and wake up feeling sore then fall asleep again… We had one stop-over to have our dinner and to empty our bladder and we're back on the road again. We reach our destination at around 11 in the evening and having hyper-active colleagues, rest wasn't a part of their vocabulary. And being the Pinoy that we are, Videoke session is our way of relaxing. =)

Off we went to Baher Villas in the morning. In Riyadh, all we got to swim on is our compound's pool so everybody was stoked on having to swim on the beach! Entrance fee: SR 75.

Baher Villas is a resort that they said were off limits to Saudis. Maybe that is why most expats came here to swim, to have a bit of privacy away from the disapproving looks of Saudi men. You can even wear your bikini if you like. 

Even if it's too hot to swim, we cannot contain ourselves not to have a dip on the beach. IT'S THE SOLE PURPOSE OF OUR AL-KHOBAR TRIP ANYWAY. hehe… The resort also has 4 small pools for the children and adults alike so that if you find it too hot to go for a swim on the beach, pool dipping would be a good alternative. There is also a mini restaurant to order food from and enough changing rooms for the resort patrons.

The beach wasn't that exceptional, but hey! Who are we to complain? As long as there is Sea, Sun and Sand, we'll be having fun! =D

The wall that keeps Baher Villas private


  1. A cool way to relax... enjoy-enjoy lang pag may time....way to go Kabayan....


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