10 Miler for the Riyadh Road Runners

I had my 3rd run for the Riyadh Road Runners this morning at the ROC compound. It was a 10 mile run complete with uphill and downhill routes. Gun start was at 8:00 am and the weather was really cold that I had to run with my jacket on.

I conditioned myself that I will finish the run even if it means I will be the last to cross the finish line. Luckily there were others who finished behind me. 

I was able to manage to get myself lost in one of the streets. I turned right in one of the roads and ran straight ahead. When I noticed that there were no arrow signs on either side of the road, I re-routed from where I came and realized I missed the orange cone where I should have U-turned. By the time I came on the right track, 3 runners were able to run ahead of me, putting me way way behind the pack.

Anyways, I finished the run in 1 hour and 37 minutes (unofficial). A job well done for me given the fact that during the RunRio Trilogy Leg 3: Unilab Run United 2 (in the Philippines) I finished my 15 kilometer run at 1 hour and 44 minutes. 

The early finishers were clapping and cheering loudly for each runner who was able to cross the finish line. 

As usual, a hearty breakfast was our way of ending our running event! =) 

The Pinoy Runners!

Posing for the camera in between post-race stretching.


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