I was honored to join the Terry Fox Run held here in Riyadh last October 15, 2011. A lot of expats showed their support for the Charity Run plus the members of the Riyadh Road Runners were having their 10 km run at the same time and place. Too bad, we weren't able to register for the RRR. Maybe we'll do on their next run. =)

Terry Fox during his Marathon of Hope

A brief history though. Terry Fox Run is an annual charity run that was named in honor of Canadian amputee runner Terry Fox. He was a distance runner and basketball player during his high school and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 1977. His right leg was amputated and was required to wear an artificial leg. He then went on with his chemotherapy and found the time he spent in the British Columbia Cancer Control Agency facility difficult as he watched fellow cancer patients suffer and die from the disease. Fox ended his treatment with a new purpose. He then attempted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research at age 21. So even after his death on the year 1981, people around the globe still held an annual charity run in commemoration of Terry Fox and his cause.

It was a sunny Friday morning during the Terry Fox Run. Running with me are my colleagues at work, Mae and Marian and my roommate, Tita Sol. We were early since we don't know on what to expect. We had to undergo strict security measures before entering the compound and had to verify our registration before the run.

Though it is only a fun run (with no bibs and timing chips), we were really excited to run with fellow running enthusiasts. It is the first time here in the kingdom that I saw a huge crowd wearing their Nikes, Adidas, Newtons, New Balance, Asics and Sauconys all at the same time (The last fun run I joined, we were less than 30 in number. hehe…)! During the run, we were only competing with ourselves and beating our PR--- a fun run indeed!

There was also a breakfast buffet served after the run--- the more reason we have to run faster! Haha! And a raffle in which I won a complimentary breakfast invitation for 2 at La Cucina Restaurant located at Al Faisaliah Hotel (Oh di ba, Sosyalan!).

The runners! =) RN : Running Nurses represent!
Waiting for the run to start. I guess I was doing some warm ups when this photo was taken

Running on my Bikila earned me an interview from a Canadian girl and some look of astonishment from the kiddos!


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