The Rexona Run 2010

Another 5K running event that I joined was the Rexona run 2010 held on August 1, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia---a well-organized running event by RunRio, Inc. We arrived at the starting line at 5:30 am. The gun start was at 5:45. We have no more time to do a proper warm-up but nevertheless, we enjoyed the run even if we were all sweaty, huffy and puffy.

I was with my brother and two colleagues at work, Lui and Carla, during the race. Eventually, they have become my running companions during races and running/jogging sessions.

The Rexona run was a memorable race for us. It was during this time, as we were sitting on the gutter watching the 10k and 21k finishers pass us by, that the idea of putting up a fan page in Facebook for Nurses (nursing students, registered nurses or not) who have the same passion on running like us, was conceptualized.

The term: Running Nurses was coined by Maria Luisa Lasquite (my fellow pediatric nurse in SLMC and running buddy) in which the initials of the 2 words were the same with the acronym of Registered Nurse--RN thus, our fan page RN : Running Nurses was conceived. This was also the time I was contemplating on "taking it up a notch" on my running category. I was running for some time and been practicing a lot but I was a bit hesitant to join 10k runs, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make it.

To view the race result, click here:

To view the Running Nurses fan page, click here:

Feel free to like us on Facebook and suggest the page to friends too! (Nurses, running enthusiasts or not!) =D

Our gutter moment =D

Moi, Lui Lasquite & Carla Faraon-RNs


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