Janadriyah Annual Heritage and Cultural Festival 2011

Last April 28th I, together with my colleagues at work signed up for the trip to Janadriyah---one of the social/recreational activities offered by our Employee Social Club.

We have been a witness to the festive mood of the Saudis as they celebrate the Janadriyah Annual Heritage and Cultural Festival here in Janadriyah, Riyadh City district. The event started last 21st of April until the 29th.

The festival was inaugurated by the late King Fahad Ibn Abdul Aziz in the year 1985 making this year the 26th Janadriyah Festival.

The celebration showcases the rich culture and heritage of the past and present Saudi Arabia. The festival's kick off is a camel race (which we failed to see). The festival includes displays of regional architecture, crafts, dances, markets for perfumes, spices, native delicacies and folklores.

I took a lot of photos during the event and I wanted to share some with you. It is during this rare occasion that photography is not forbidden (except on the female section) in the Kingdom. Sharing this to the world will help others to have a glimpse and appreciate the rich culture, tradition and the excellent craftsmanship of the Saudis.

Old Saudi Coins

Saudi Currencies

1st bicycle used by a mailman in the kingdom. Displayed at the booth of Saudi Posts.

1st mailbox

1st uniform ever worn by a mailman in the kingdom =)


Colorful Hand-painted Vases  on one of the stalls

Traditional crockery in vibrant colors

I wonder if they still have a living room like this... most folks here have big houses and western furnitures nowadays.

Traditional sword dance

The Art of Weaving (me included in the photo. haha!)

The Art of Pottery

Pottery crafts for sale

Embellished Horse Saddles seen at the booth of the King Abdulaziz Arabian Horse Center

Adorned camel parading through the crowd. Wish I was a kiddo so that I could ride this Camel. =)

The traditional way of irrigation with the help of a camel is depicted here. The water is drawn using a bucket or DALOW from a deep well or AL-SAWANY.


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