Running to their Future

Last January 11, 2011, I have witnessed the exchange of vows between Ma. Luisa Lasquite-a friend/colleague/running buddy and Rizaldy Cardinez in a small Church in Project 7. They were very “hands-on” during the wedding preparation, everything was DIY and they were very practical when it comes to purchasing.

They chose the colors red, white and black as their wedding motifs and go for the vintage rock theme. Every small details of the wedding were planned by the couple. It was not your ordinary wedding.

Prenup Photos

The prenup photos were taken at the Heritage Village in Vigan, Ilocos Sur—their hometown and in Brave New World—a vintage shop in Cubao Expo. I was with them when they have their prenup photoshoot in Cubao Expo. The owner of the store, Sir Ron (who looks like he just stepped out from a 70’s rock band) was very accommodating. His store is located at the 2nd floor in the right lane of Cubao expo’s rows of shops. The halls leading to the staircase of the shop are painted with graffiti art. Once you get upstairs, the first thing you will notice are the vintage guitars lining up the wall. Mind you, they are a bit pricey (from Php 70,000 up to 7,000—dollars). But to those who LOVE to collect, it’s not that much. Racks of ultra hip, vintage clothes that look like they were straight from your dad’s /mom’s closet are lined up in both sides of the store. It’s like you were being transported back to the 60’s and 70’s. A blast from the past indeed! There were handfuls of old shades in one table, an Holga lomographic camera in one of the dresser (being sold at Php 2,500—a great steal!), old hats, shoes, bags and suitcases are randomly displayed in the store--all of these can be used by the couple for their shoot. How cool is that? The owner also has an old, red Volkswagen beetle car that was used for the prenup shoot. Surely, the couple had much fun trying on different vintage outfits.

Wedding Prep

The wedding gown was vintage inspired, tiered white gown with lace and beadworks.The groom settled for a black suit.

The bridal bouquet is composed of red roses that we ordered from Dangwa. Again, there was a DIY touch on the bouquet. The bride made this fancy floral design made from different sizes of red, black and white buttons that were placed in layers and attached into a wire. The finished product looks like fancy flowers and were then placed in-between the red roses. Look below for the image.

The groom, ninongs and ninangs wore a boutonniere that the bride also made herself. It is actually made up of different sizes of red, black and white buttons (just like the ones in the bouquet), silk flowers and feathers. It was so artistically made that I had fallen in love with it the first time I see it.

The coin and arras pillows were also in red, black and white design. It has also a touch of DIY from the bride.

The Wedding Vow

The wedding rites was held in Sto. Cristo de Bungad Parish. The ceremony was very solemn with only a handful of close friends, relatives and colleagues were invited. There were no bridesmaid and groomsmen in the entourage as requested by the couple, only Godparents and Secondary sponsors. Parents were requested to bring their kids (of course, the children were all dressed up for the occasion too!) and were ask to blow bubbles and blow on their pinwheels during the bride’s wedding procession. The exchange of vows was personally made by the couple and you can see many guests were teary eyed (if they were not yet crying). Even I myself was moved into tears! I wonder if I could ask for a copy of their vows... =)

Baby's breath lined up the aisle- as requested by the bride

The Reception

The venue of their wedding reception was at Max's Restaurant in Scout Tuazon. The couple and I were at the wedding reception the night before the wedding (the bride's such an OC! hehe). She wants to oversee every small, single detail of the wedding preparation—things such as what table cloth will be used, what color of drapes should be placed, where to put the lanterns, dessert table, projector, chocolate fondue and the list goes on and on and on...whew! =)

moi, posing with the couple. one side of the banquet hall was lined up with the couple's prenup pics and the guest's well wishes.

But things went smoothly the way she wants it to be except for minor, unavoidable boo boos (nothing’s perfect anyway). Every single guest truly enjoyed the event (especially the photobooth! ehem...) and most especially, the couple were satisfied and were happy with how things turned.
totally rock with their chucks! =)

To the couple: 
I thank you for making me a part of your special day. I admire your love for one another and how both of you was committed in making your wedding day a complete success. As you embark on your wonderful adventure together as husband and wife, may you continue to grow in love and as individuals. And may this day just be the start of how big your love can grow. I wish you the best that life and marriage has to offer as you continue your journey...
'May your love be modern enough to survive the times and old-fashioned enough to last forever.'

Love Rocks!


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