My Running Events of 2010 (Part 1)

Here’s the summary of the Running events I joined last 2010:

March 21
Globe Run for Home 2010 (5k, 34:57)

A charity fun run by Globe and Ayala land aiming to raise funds for the benefit of Habitat for Humanity. This was the first running event that I joined. My sister, Czarina Joy Bongon, was one of the people who introduced me to running and registered me to my first running event—the Globe Run for Home 2010. That time, I don’t have proper running shoes yet. I used my old, reliable trainers during the run and thank God, I made it!

April 18
Earth Run 2010 (5k, 32:29)

This was my 2nd run. A run for a cause that aims to benefit Greenpeace, an international organization dedicated in protecting and conserving the environment. There were about 7,000 runners that signed up for the run, 4,000 of which were in the 5K category that I was in. But this time, I am much prepared. I trained for alternate days in amoranto stadium, running at least 3 kms at a time. Also, I was able to purchase my first running shoes: a Nike Dart 7. I know it wasn’t the best running shoes that time, but it was all that I can afford and better than my old trainers. =)

 May 23
Takbo PAA (5k, 28:54)

This was a fun run organized by the Pediatric Alumni Association (PAA) of St. Luke’s Medical Center held at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig. The race aims to promote the advocacy of PAA in promoting the welfare of the children in the community. And since I am a pediatric nurse in SLMC, I together with my colleagues at work joined the said event without hesitation. This was my first race to have an uphill and downhill route and boy, was I exhausted! After that event, I practiced running in the uphill and downhill parts around the scout areas near our home.

June 19
Rock and Run (5k, 29:53)

This was the coolest running event I joined! Literally and figuratively. I was with my brother Boks and my colleague, Lui during that time and we all joined the 5 km category. Rock and Run was organized by JCI Manila for the benefit of Republikha--an NGO dedicated to producing educational children's music. This should have been the first Run and Rock concert-for-a-cause if not for the heavy downpour that started right before the start of the race. Rock bands were to perform before the start of the race and 3 concert stages were set up strategically along the race course but have been canceled due to the issue of safety. But amidst the heavy rain, most of the runners were still waiting enthusiastically for the gun start and upon seeing it, we eventually followed suit. We were all chanting “RUN! RUN! RUN!” in the rain as we waited for the gun start. Some were dancing and some were still in their rock costume (there was a special prize for the best rock costume!). I remember this one runner beside me in a KISS costume complete with a replica of KISS’ guitar told me that he was relieved he used water-proof makeup because if he didn’t, his makeup would have been washed up by the rain by then.

Running in the rain was surely a one of a kind experience I will never forget. For me, I ROCKED running in the rain!


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