My Running Events of 2010 Part 2

August 1
Rexona Run (5k, 33:38)

This was held at SM Mall of Asia. A well organized running event by RunRio, Inc. We arrived at 5:30 am. The gun start was at 5:45 am. There was no time for us to have our warm-ups but we enjoyed the run even if we were all sweaty, huffy and puffy from running. During this time, as we were watching the 10k and 21k finishers, the idea of putting up a fanpage in facebook for Nurses (nursing students, registered nurses or not) who are running enthusiast was conceptualized. The term: Running Nurses was coined by Maria Luisa Lasquite (my fellow pediatric nurse in SLMC) in which the initials of the 2 words were the same with the acronym of Registered Nurse—RN thus, our fanpage RN : Running Nurses was conceived.  This was also the time I was contemplating on “taking it up a notch” on my running category. I was running for some time and been practicing a lot but I was a bit hesitant to join 10k runs, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make it. 
Me, Ma. Luisa Lasquite, & Ma. Carla Luisa Faraon RNs =)
September 5

This was a running event organized by the St. Luke’s Medical Center-Institute of Urology held just near the hospital. The route of the race was on the Scout areas with uphill and downhill routes. It was just a fun run but complete with elites. Yes, the Kenyans were there. =)

With the Kenyans

September 11

Another running event by St. Luke’s Medical Center but this time, it was organized by the Institute of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine of SLMC for the benefit of the social service patients. It was held at St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City. There were only 2 categories for the race, 3.5 and 9 kms. We choose to just run on the 3.5k since the race route is only near the SLMC-GC grounds. But still, we had so much fun! It’s nice to know that there are lots of running enthusiasts from different department within St. Luke’s who come together and supported the event. =)

September 26
Tour de Trail 2010-Singapore Mini Marathon (3k)

This was my first run outside the country and my first ever trail run! We were in Singapore for 1 week for a vacation and staying at my sister’s. I was feeling sad that I wasn’t able to join the Camarines Sur International Marathon-- this should have been my first run outside the metro and my first run in my hometown, Camarines Sur. Out on a whim, I asked my sister if there would be an upcoming running event in Singapore on the duration of our stay. Luckily, we came across this Tour de Trail Mini Marathon happening on the same date as the Camarines Sur International Marathon. The next thing I know, we were signing up for the run! We just chose to register for the 3 km fun run because:

•    It wasn’t on our budget
•    I still didn’t think I could make the 10k category
•    It was a trail run
•    It is a prelude for Czarina Joy’s birthday celebration (we have other things to do in mind for the whole day).

It was a different kind of experience for us. The route was inside MacRitchie Reservoir in Upper Thompson Road. We visited the race venue a day before the race to claim our race kit then stayed for a little while to relax and take pictures in the park. We were surprised to find out that there were lots of monkeys roaming around the park and a few were actually trying to grab the content of our race kits. =)

sneaky sneaky!
a monkey trying to grab the loot bag from my mom! =)

It feels like it was the longest 3 km run that I have experienced.The fun run started at 9 am. The gun start was inside the park then we proceeded to run on Lornie road before entering the trail inside the reservoir. Before entering the trail, a marshall was shouting instructions on us then we were on our own. It was kind of creepy since the only thing that you can hear is the humming of cicadas and God knows what other insects. There was only minimal of sunlight penetrating through the canopy and the ground started to feel soft and muddy. By then, the fast runners were already out of sight and the slower ones were already behind. There were only 2 of us running with the same pace--a white girl in her teens too shy to make conversation with me. We sort of, finish the race at the same time. =)

with the birthday girl

October 10

This is a one-of-a-kind running experience for us and for all those who joined it. There were 3 starting points on the race converging to 1 finish line—SM Mall of Asia. Those who were joining the 3k run were to start at the SM-MOA, 5k on the CCP complex and 10k in Makati. The fun run aims to restore the Pasig River back to its clean state and also aims to be a part of the Guinness World records as a foot race with the most number of runners. And YES! we did it! Click this link here and type: Most Participants in a Racing Event in the search box. It broke the former world record of San Francisco's "Bay to Breakers"  race of 1986 with a total of 110,000 participants. The official count was: 116,086 runners finished the race among the 160,000 who registered for the Run for Ilog Pasig.Filipinos from all walks of life went out of their way to make this event a success. Finisher’s band was given to all those who finished the race.


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