My Running Events of 2010 Part 3

October 17
The Pink Run: D’Feeting Breast Cancer (5k, 30:29)

As a part of the Healthcare team, this is one running event that is a must in my list. The Pink Run was an advocacy run that was organized by the Philippine Society of General Surgeons Metro Manila Chapter. It was held at McKinley Hills grounds, Taguig City last October 17, 2010. The run aims to raise funds and awareness against breast cancer—the leading cause of cancer deaths among women in our country. There were also a lot of guys who joined the race (one of them is my brother Czar Christian who is a member of the RN : Running Nurses by the way) and they were not afraid to use the pink, grey and white singlet. A lot of guy runners actually liked the singlet and even my brother commented that it was the nicest singlet he ever worn so far. I actually liked their tag line:
“You don’t have to run alone. Bring a friend, a loved one or run with us and meet new friends.” Yes, I was not running alone. I have my brother in tow and friends who share the same passion in running with me. =)


October 24
Adidas King of the Road 2010 (10k, 1:06:64)

Adidas KOTR was my (and my brother’s) first 10 kilometer run. I was really, really excited but at the same time having some trepidation on running 10k. But luckily, I survived! At 1 hour, 6 minutes and 64 seconds, I was lining up on the finish line getting excited to grab my free breakfast. I was feeling a little bit woozy, a product of not carbo-loading properly and fatigue. Good thing though, box and box of bananas were being given. I have to grabbed and eat one fast.  This was my 3rd from the last running event for the year (maybe 3rd from last for the meantime) and for a moment right there, I felt I was the King (or maybe the Queen!) of the Road.

Bought and trained for a month on my new Adidas response stability running shoes

November 21
RunRio Trilogy Leg 3: Unilab Run United 2 (15k, 1:44:57)

After surviving Adidas KOTR 10k run, my brother  and I decided to take up our running mileage one notch higher. This time, we ran 15 kilometers on the Unilab Run United 2—the 3rd leg on the RunRio trilogy. We incorporated Jeff Galloway’s run-walk-run method in our run and it’s pretty quite effective.  As usual, we were not disappointed with RunRio, Inc. There were enough first aid station, water station, marshalls, and pep squad to assist and cheer you while running. Free services such as detailed runpix analysis and photovendo were also provided to capture our running moments. There were also a good enough freebies and even a finisher's shirt provided by Unilab. 
Thanks Bem Brusas of Runner's Runner for the photo =)

December 5
Quezon City International Marathon 2 (21k, 2:45:58)

This was my last run for 2010—the QCIM 2 held last December 5. I can’t believe I conquered running 21 kilometers! And it was my first Half Mary! Or was it an ultrapikermi?--the race route was more than 23 kilometres. The starting (and finish) line was at Philcoa, and then runners proceeded inside the UP oval before running towards the stretch of Commonwealth Avenue. There were enough water stations deployed along the race route. There was even a shower provided along the route which I’ve taken advantage of. All in all, it was a new and exciting experience for me: It was my first time to participate in a running event here in Quezon City; it was my debut as a half marathoner, and the first time that I thought the pain in my calves will kill me.  Hahaha!
with my fellow RN : Running Nurses
I am so proud of finishing my first (ultra)pikermi! holding my medal with much pride!
I ran fast when I saw my running buddies cheering me near the finish line but I wanted to cry and give up on the last 2 kms (inside UP oval) and was beginning to sing "Chasing Pavements"by Adele in my head. =)


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