Felice Anno Nuovo!

The year 2010 started not too good for me but I could say it ended with a blast!

The first quarter was so-so... because I was dwelling on my heartache. And thinking of it now makes me cringe on my behavior and over my own stupidity. Anyhow, 2010 for me, was a year of traveling- local and international destination, discovering my passion on running, a frequent trip to the beach, frequent gimmicks and night outs with colleagues and of course, the ever so toxic duty days on my beloved St. Luke's.

I've been lenient with my blogging last 2010. I've been enjoying too much that I have been neglecting my blog. And since I am starting the year 2011 as a bummer (I recently resigned on my nursing career in SLMC and is waiting for my flight and work abroad), I have enough time to share to you the different mis/adventures I had last 2010.

But first, let me greet you a Happy New Year! I hope that the Year of the Rabbit will be great for us all! =)


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