Shopping in Riyadh

I’ve been here at Riyadh for more than a week and since my work will start not until the 20th of February, I have lots of time to relax and prepare for what is in store for me in my new work. Little by little, I am exposed to the Middle Eastern life…

This past week my life has been circling only between my mom’s house and the mall. I am not yet brave to really been going out and wander around the city. My mom has work most of the time so I couldn’t do much but to stay at home. My Mom works as a nurse in one of the hospitals here in Riyadh and was provided with housing inside the hospital premises (that goes the same with me when I start working). When one wants to go somewhere else, limousine or taxi (as what we call them in the Philippines) is the main mode of transportation. But if you are going to the mall and the souk and you wanted a free ride, the hospital has a free transportation service for women. Scheduled buses run and drop passengers to different shopping areas, you just need to be aware of the pick-up and drop-off time.

Just like a kid, I look forward to these shopping trips. As I’ve said, there’s nothing (yet) much to do but to window/shop. =)

My first shopping trip was in Hayat mall. I was to meet 3 of my former colleagues in my previous work in the Philippines who are now working here in the Kingdom just like me. Luckily for us, we were still  able to avail of the season ender sale. Oh how we love sale! And when you say SALE here, items are in super marked down prices.And since arab women are much bigger in size than we pinoys are, chances are you can get what you want in your size---be it in shoes or clothings. These are the few items that I have bought: 

a checkered top from terranova for only 30 SR

Stradivarius Denim Pants for only 49 SR

Bershka pants for only 49 SR


Terranova tube top for only 30 SR. Original price: 120 SR

Studded cuff from terranova. Only 10 SR

I still have lots of time to do my shopping spree and so many shopping malls that I have to visit. But for now, that's all that I bought. And since I am being sensible from my purchases, I will only buy things that are in sale or if not, I will only buy what I needed most. =)


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