MultiSport Mag January 2011 Edition- You made my Day! =)

My free subscription of MultiSport Magazine arrived in the mail today. My brother grinningly told me: "You'd be really happy when you see this!". I blurted out, "Si Coach Rio?!" I was thinking there was a poster of Coach Rio inserted as a freebie. haha! =) But it was not the case.

Anyhoo, MultiSport featured The Pink Run: D'Feeting Breast Cancer (held last October 17, 2010 at McKinley Hill) on the second to the last page of their mag and a picture of me running was posted right beside the very brief article regarding the run. I was laughing out loud because my brother was teasing me of being a celebrity when in fact, the photo was of me running with my back on the camera. Really, for a moment I was on a high! hahaha! Thank you MultiSport for making my day and thank you Pink Run for the photo. ;) By the way, it really was nice even if it's only a back view. For a moment there, I look like a pro. =)

my celebrity (back) running photo as dubbed by my brother. =) this is also the image I placed on my blog header ^^


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