I woke up this morning feeling a little bit sore... What did I do last night that makes me feel this way today? Then it all came back to me... After 2 weeks of not doing much (though I do yogas and jogging in place---does this count?), I finally able to RUN! It was such a great feeling, REALLY! My mom and I were supposed to watch an inter-hospital basketball game held here in their basketball court. I was feeling really cold (I guess my body’s thermostat hasn’t yet adjusted to the weather) when I saw a track oval in the opposite side of the court. My eyes were twinkling literally! Hahaha! I saw a couple of people walking and jogging on the oval so I ask my mom if I could jog there as well too. After all, I am just a visitor so I thought I should ask for permission first. The next thing I know I am doing my warm ups---stretching and walking first and when I cannot contain myself any longer, I started running free! It’s refreshing to run with the cold breeze hitting your face. I find myself smiling and teary eyed, just like a kid given with some tasty treat! I find my rhythm as I run, welcoming the rubber tracks beneath my feet. Pounding my feet one foot after another as I go on and on…until I was catching my breath and felt the burning in my lungs! One thing I noticed though, you won’t get sweaty when you run here. You’ll just find yourself huffing and puffing and feeling a little bit warm.

Running for me here is having freedom. For a moment, you feel free from the worries of the everyday life of an expat. Running is what I enjoy best before coming to this country and running is what I will enjoy in this culturally restricted Kingdom.

In running, I feel everything is possible when I put my heart into it. In running, I could clear my cloudy mind and think things over. It rejuvenates my whole being and makes me feel like I’m a brand new person after…

I am looking forward to my annual leave. And RUNNING in a foot race is what I have in mind when I got home. =)

Running free! Grinning like a kid! =)


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