Last February 19, I moved out from my mom’s housing to my own housing in the hospital I’ll be working with. And being such a supportive mom that she is, my mom even accompanied me during my transfer.

I was filled with so much trepidation as to what to expect in my new environment. But it was not bad at all. The housing complex was filled with “kabayans”. Expats working in the same hospital I’ll be working with. It was a shared housing but with separate bedrooms (that was really nice and big) and bathrooms (we got one for our guest too!); A common living room, kitchen and laundry room; A really working fire alarm (trust me, it really works!). My bedroom has a really nice view from the window (a mini park with a fountain at the center). There were trees filled with birds perched on its branches like it’s welcoming me in my new home.

My room mate is also a Filipina and is very warm and accommodating. She patiently orients me to my new home---the facilities and amenities provided in the housing complex.

I guess from all these things I could say there’s nothing you would or should worry about when there is support coming from your family and the people you would be living and working with. AND no matter how apprehensive you are, you will get along just fine because we pinoys are like social chameleons---we can easily adapt to a new environment, knows how to fit in and understand the culture of others and I am proud to say that we are WORLD CLASS workers.

the view outside my bedroom window


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