PARTY---the Saudi style

Last night, I’ve got to experience how expats have their party the SAUDI style.

Since I’m a newbie (a newbie starting to feel a little bored), hearing of a party got me all excited! My mom and her co-workers (5th floor health care team) organized a party for the birthday celebrants for the month of January and February. Every hospital employee brought food to be shared and “chipped in” to give each celebrant a gift.

It was like a typical Filipino gathering. Although there were a handfuls of other nationalities: Malaysian, south African and Indian.  Everybody was in their best attire. They wear wearing dresses similar to what they use in their home country during special events and parties---a cool change from the abayas I have been seeing all week! And this time, men and women could mingle and socialize. The party motif was purple though I didn't wear one. The food was mostly filipino dishes (except for the turkey) and men, they were all delicioso! Each celebrants prepared their own ballroom dancing number.----> YES. Ballroom dancing is all the rave here. Everyone was having fun dancing the night away with ballroom. Some attempted to ask me to dance but I turned them all down. hahaha! Ballroom dancing is not my forte and I find the dance complicated unlike when you're in a club and you are just swaying your body and waving your hand to the rhythm of the music. And I still find ballroom dancing as a dance of the oldies (no offense meant!). But who knows, I'll be dancing ballroom a few months from now... (wink!*)

ballroom dancing the night away...

the crowd is getting loco over square dance!

posing with the pinoy expats

posing with a south African and Indian nurse


  1. fun, hopefully ma experience ko din yan dito sa saudi..haha


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