Nomnomnom Happy Food!

I was eating alone in my flat today, trying to eat healthily by skipping the rice, eating chopsuey (sauted mixed veggies), tofu sisig and steamed carrots in small servings while drinking ruby red grapefruit. 

Then I remembered (and misses...sniff!) Nomnomnom---one of our favorite resto that serves good food. Nomnomnom Happy Food is located at 1 Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, a jeepney ride away from my previous work. That is why whenever we had a "toxic" duty, we will reward ourselves by eating at Nomnomnom after and drink a couple bottle of beer while recapping the events during our duty (chismis kumabaga! hahaha! but not regarding our patients---patient's confidentiality, IKR).

Nomnomnom--- where yummy and healthy go together. 

Yes, they really lived out to their tagline. Not only do they serve yummy food that would satisfy your gastronomic appetite but it is healthy as well as evidenced by no pork or beef in the menu---an influence of having a vegetarian owner (one of). 

You might think you won't frequent the place but once you've tasted the variety of food in their menu, you might find yourself coming back for more. You would even forget that you are eating good food because they are sinfully delicious. This hole-in-the-wall resto is a good place for barkada gimiks and for date nights.

We love to munch on their yummy popcorn with hemp seed (the organic ones!) while waiting for our orders.The owner has a quirky way of naming the menu list too. Here's the list of my MUST TRY:

> Talong and Lasting Love--- eggplant, kesong puti and mozarella in tomato sauce pizza.

> Malinomnom Pizza--- tinapa flakes, salted duck eggs and kesong puti

The Good Sisig--- good for vegans. This is a dish of tofu placed on top of a rice crater with nori bits mixed into it. The hint of sisig taste is just enough. You would actually believe there's pork on it.

> Four Play--- consists of pita chips served with hommus, mottabal, salsa and garlic.

Photo credit: Erik Liongoren taken from Nomnomnom's Facebook page  
> Prom Pasta--- a tomato based pasta with hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, capers and my favorite- basil. This is not your ordinary pasta! =)

Photo credit: Erik Liongoren. Taken from Nomnomnom's facebook page

> Happy Hemp Pesto--- pasta in pesto sauce. With hemp seeds. =)

> Nomnomnom's version of Mozarella sticks--- delicioso!

> Fried Ravioli--- crispy fried ravioli stuffed with cheesy kangkong and mushroom.

There are still lots of food from their menu that you must try (seafood cartocchio, aglio e olio, vst, tokwa't tokwa, pizza bomba and their Iced tea with different flavors). Visit them if you have time and I know you will enjoy it like I did. Try to look out for events happening in nomnomnom. Past events includes cook outs, acoustic nights and they do even have movie nights! I'm sure you and your friends will have a blast. Indulge. Without the guilt feeling.

This is one place I will visit when I go home 7 months from now.

Happy nomnomnom!!! 

winding out after a tiring duty with my colleagues

Something good always happens--- love it! can't deny that I am from post duty. oily skin and all that... hehehe

Also, try visiting their site at:


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