Saturday, May 7, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!!! What a nice way to welcome and celebrate Mother's day by running (though the temperature here is a whopping 40 degrees Celsius!). Keep yourself hydrated ladies.

In line with celebrating Mother's Day today (I have to synchronize my time to Philippine time so it's officially a SUNDAY today and IS officially Mother's Day), and because RUNNING is what I love to do, there are three books that is (quite) a must-read. It is also a perfect Mother's Day gift for the athletic/sporty women in your life. ehem! =D

Run Like a Mother is a book written by Dimity McDowell Davis and Sarah Bowen Shea offering inspirational advices and strategies from their own personal experiences to help keep a wife-mother-working woman from lacing up her shoes and make running a part of their busy lives. The book includes practical tips on shoes, nutrition, training, racing and preventing injury.

Because of the growing number of women runners, Dagny Scott Barrios and the experts from Runner's World created this book that will guide women to discover how to train for a race---from a 5k to a marathon, how to lose weight permanently, eat nutritiously and for maximum energy, prevent and treat injury that women are most likely to encounter, run during pregnancy and through menopause, how to run safely anywhere and to choose the best clothes and running accessories.

Kara Groucher's Running for Women is an ultimate guide to running for women who want to train for the gold or simply discover their personal best. It contains her expertise, tips and tricks targeted specifically for female runners to help you become a better, happier, healthier and more fulfilled runner.

So there you are... the three running books that I wanted to read. If you are reading this blog and you have read any of these books, please post a review on the comment post. Which book do you like best? Which is the most helpful and informative?

Before signing out, let me just once again greet a


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