A Journey to the Edge of the World

When I first went here to Riyadh, I thought all I would do was to work, work and work. I never thought that I would have the time or the opportunity to explore the scenic places that Saudi Arabia could offer.  Well, actually I still haven't. hahaha! Not yet. I am hoping that the coming months I will be able to do so. Suggestions please, anyone?

Anyhoo, I wanted to share one of the places I have been to on my over 2 months of staying here in the Kingdom--- The Edge of the World.

The Edge of the World (as what the locals call it) is one of the points of Tuwaiq Escarpment located 96 kilometers northwest of Riyadh (on the way going to Sadous). This trip is not for people who doesn't want long, bumpy ride. Choice of transport: 4 X 4. Travel time: 2-3 hours. We have seen some people tried to get their car running on the rough terrain but to no avail. Good thing they were able to hitch a ride and leave their car in a nearby house.

Rough terrain it is!


This iron fence will lead you to the edge of the world 22 kilometers heading towards west. Just follow any convenient track you will find. It isn't hard to miss. But mind you, watch the ditch! 'Coz there is a lot. And you don't want to be stranded in the middle of the desert, right? =)

It is better to go there in a group and since it is the EDGE of the world, I highly recommend that you bring lots of water, food and a first aid kit (you will never know when you will need one).The best time to visit would be October thru March.

Jump Craze!

Groups enjoyed walking the edge of the cliff going to the heads of the twin rock

The people below looks miniscule compared to my shoes. haha! Some people went down the cliff to walk or run. As for me, I just enjoyed my spot on this cliff pocket contemplating about life... =)

one might think that this is a part of the Grand Canyon...

It's still cold here during the month of March. Just be sure to don on your sunglasses to avoid the glare of the sun. Wear sunblock too!

Panoramic view of the plains below. What a sight indeed! When it rains, they say that those winding lines turn into streams...


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