Korean Palace

Part of my pre-birthday celebration was dining at Korean Palace (Bee Won) located at Takhasussi Road near Euromarche.

My roommate suggested this place since she was a patron of the resto when its location was still along King Fahd Road.

The food, serving and the service is fantastic. Even the cost of each dish is not that pricey.  

Let the photos speak for itself:

Eating at a Korean resto is not complete without trying Jjampong- a spicy seafood noodle soup. One mistake we made was asking for it to be extra spicy (though the 3 of us hail from Bicolandia). Tulo uhog to the max ang emote!

Bulgogi Dolsot Jungshik- Soy bean sprout and vegetable and marinated sauteed beef, served with side dish, rice, spiced soy sauce and topped with egg. The taste is more like bibimbap.
U.S. Beef Kalbigooi- Beef short ribs broiled on a sizzling plate. Tender and cooked to a T

A dine out in an Asian resto is not complete without a sauteed mixed vegetables as a part of the course.

A variety of side dishes is served before the start of the meal. From the famous Kimchi, pickled cucumbers to bean sprouts and steamed squash.

We asked for some service tea which really is good. What I did was squeezed the kiat kiat (see photo below) on the tea which was given after the course. I actually asked for more!
Kiat Kiat or Mandarin Orange- tiny as they are, they're actually sweet and delicious! Its tiny profile is accentuated by my silver bangle ( a gift to self that I can't help to show off! hahaha!)
The Birthday Girl- Moi

The Birthday girl with the owner

These Masks hanging above the wall near the counter is used during the Mask festival that fall on the Autumn season. The owner said that a part of a tradition in the southern part of Korea is that after the men harvested their crops, they would drink until they get drunk and would put on masks and dance as freely as they want. Sometimes they would wear these masks to perform and it gave them the opportunity to mock those in authority without them giving their identity.


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