30 going on 13

These days I am confused.

I want the time to fly fast when I'm at work but at the end of the day I want it to move so slow.

The reason being that…

In two days' time another year will be added to my age. I will be turning 30. Yes. It's inevitable but thinking about it makes me cringe at my seat. I would always think in an animated way that the day I will turn 30 I will turn into an aged lady. Wrinkles would line up my forehead, crow's feet will appear on my eyes, a few strands (or maybe a lot!) of gray hair will show on my crown, bones will get brittle and joints would turn stiff.

Contrary to the movie 13 going on 30, I would like it to be the other way around. If I could just relive the days of my youth I would want to trade a day or few…

The days wherein the biggest dilemma you are facing is when you forgot to make the assignment your teacher had given you the day before, petty quarrels between you and your best friend, household chores you didn't do because you were busy playing outside with the neighbors, white lies you have to concoct just to avoid a great old scolding from your mom…


The days you collect stationeries (Sanrio would be preferable) and trade them with your friends, owning a Jansport bag or a trapper keeper is a must, owning Doc Martens shoes is a fad, listening to Gin Blossoms, Cranberries, Eraserheads makes you feel cool, dancing to Backstreet boys or even Hansons were all the rave...

Oh how I missed the carefree days of my youth! But then again, looking back on those days I was wishing it to be the other way around.

Yes, I am an adult now. Hell! I've been an adult a very long time ago but when you're in your 20's you don't think about it that much. But when you already lived 3 decades of your lifetime you feel you're too old. Or maybe it's just me thinking that way…

But nevertheless, I am thankful for those 29 years and 363 wonderful days of my life. Every struggle, every triumph, every smile and worries, every flaw and mistakes, even the love lost and gained along the way helped to mold me as to what I am today. I may not be perfect--- I'm way too far from being one but those imperfections served as a reminder for me to improve and prove myself which I hope would always be for the better.

Every year I always have the same wish.

HEALTH- a healthy life for me and my family.

WEALTH- financial wealth and to be abundant with true friends and people who cares and I care about.

LOVE- that our family will continue to love one another, that I would continue to love all the things I do and the things I believe in and most specially, SELF-LOVE (thanks by the way Whitney Houston!).

And like any beauty queen (though I'm a far cry from being one), I wish for


Pagbiyan nyo na ko. Magbe-Birthday na naman ako eh! =p


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