> He likes it when you are a happy/positive person. > He likes that you know how to cook at least. > He wants you to be clean and organized at home. > He's not into brightly colored clothes. Tone it down a little. > Don't be too feminine. He doesn't like that. > Make him coffee or tea when he's at home and put it on his favorite harley davidson tumbler. > When he's tired give him a massage without him telling you so. > When he's on the phone, try to be as silent as you can possibly be. He is serious when it comes to work. > When at a public place, don't get mad when he isn't affectionate. He'll warm off after a while, he'd drape his arms around you. > Learn to love karting. > He love cars: beetle, bimmer, land rover. > Squeeze his hand while he's driving. > He's into riding bikes. Allow him to go and ride. He would usually lost track of the time. Don't worry, he'd come back to you. > Encourage him to exercise and be fit. > He is a kid deep inside, it's okay to unleash the inner kid in you and infect him once in a while. > Don't speak about the mundane things in life. He doesn't care about tiny details. > Be sure to balance your time with him and your friends. > No gay lingo please. > When eating out, order water instead of sodas. > Be quick on ordering when dining out. > When sleeping, be sure you are facing him or better yet, lay on top of him with your head on his chest. > Don't take too long fixing yourself when going out, he doesn't like to be kept on waiting. He would love you just the same. > He could be too hot tempered at times and say things that would really hurt (that goes to people at work too), be understanding and remind him to take it easy. > He'd be too busy at work. Don't be jealous. > Be supportive with his work and be involved. > He snores too loud when he sleeps especially when he's tired. Keep those earplugs handy. > When he gets mad at you, just hug Him tight. > Shopping should be brief. 
> What he likes most with his girl: someone who knows about his business. An architect, an ID, project manager is preferable. > He would love you too much but be prepared when he had a change of heart... It would come unexpectedly. Be prepare to let go as much as you were prepared to love him forever. > Never let your family get too involved. It would be harder moving on...


  1. move on manay..:)
    uragon baga..haha, joke

  2. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share


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