My Bucket List

My Bucket List written on my iPhone's Notes

105 days ago (to be exact), I made a list of things I wanted to do in my life time before well, I "kick the bucket". I don't know if I would be able to do all these things but I am certainly hoping that I would.

So here goes…

1. Travel one country alone. This would belong in my "do-it-later" list since financial wise, I am not yet ready.

2. Conquer Heights. I am thinking of Sky Diving or Bunjee Jumping. Knee-buckling eh?

3. Tour one European Country. Or more.

4. Let's go Batanes! This is a local province in the Philippines that I would want to visit someday.

5. Randomly have a feeding program for street children. This I'm thinking to do really soon…

6. Shop til you Drop! I have to get rich soon! Haha

7. To finish a Marathon. I'm still practicing though. I still need to work on my endurance.

8. Attend a Woodstock Concert. 2019 would be the 50th year of the 1st Woodstock concert and I am really, really hoping it would push through.

9. Scuba Diving with Sharks. I still need to work on my courage…

10. Learn how to surf. I tried 2 times already but still…

11. To be a Photo pro. 

12. To own a house by the beach.

13. To climb 10 mountains in my lifetime. 9 more to go...

14. Learn 1 foreign language.

15. To donate to a good cause.

16. Travel on a Cruise Ship.

17. Climb the steps to Macchu Picchu.

18. To do an ultra-marathon. Would be my dream…


  1. Hi,

    Are you still working in Riyadh? I'll be going there soon. where can in riyah the best place and safe to run?

    kindly pm me at


  2. Hi there! Go and check your e-mail now.

    Welcome to the Kingdom in advance! =)

  3. Hi Diorelle,
    Im Gina and currently working as a nurse in one of the hospital in Riyadh.I happen to read your blog and i find it interesting.Im also currently involved in a Nursing website that we are devolving right now basically a website that brings in news,information and things about nurses.A site wherein nurses can interact and share thoughts.I have ideas that i would like to talk to you and were actually looking for bloggers whom they would like their blogs or articles to be featured in our website.
    If you are interested you can email me and hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks and best regards,

    1. Hi Gina. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. Actually, I was neglecting this blog for quite sometime now. But I'm thinking of blogging again. If you have any subjects or ideas you want me to blog, I can do it for you. And yes, I can share some of my blogs on your website. =)


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